Sentiments and Stamp Storage

I had a time management issue with sentiments and stamps. I could never find the sentiment I was looking for or what would fit where I needed it to go, etc.

 I have all my stamps in Super Jewel Boxes (32.C) that I purchase from Tape Online. Then I have them filed in sections – GinaK; MFT; Stamps of Life; Inkadinkadoo, etc. As you can see I have sections. GinaK Designs, My Favorite Things, Stamps of Life, etc. I call Gina K Designs GK and number them 1 through … I call My Favorite Things MFT and number them 1 through … Stamps of Life and number them 1 through …, etc. I have a separate section for Sentiments – I file stamp sets that are sentiments only in this section to make it easier on myself.


Each Jewel Box has a label (I used a label maker) on the left side is the company name ex. Gina K on one side, name of the stamp set is on the right side, and then in the middle with a fine sharpie pen I label them with a number. I have an excel spreadsheet listing all my stamp sets.  



GinaK Designs example photo


My Favorite Things example photo


Stamps of Life example photo

So here is my solution for helping me find sentiments.

I came up with these categories (these work for me):

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Congrats
  • Get Well
  • Father’s Day
  • For You
  • Friends
  • Hello
  • Holiday (other)
  • Love You
  • Love
  • Just Because
  • Miss You
  • Misc
  • Mother’s Day
  • Note
  • Sayings
  • Sending …
  • Shapes
  • Sympathy
  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Thinking of You
  • Thank You
  • Valentine’s





I went through each stamp set and stamped the sentiment according to the category on each card (A2 size) and wrote the number of the corresponding stamp set next to the sentiment. GK is for GinaK Designs, MFT is My Favorite Things, SL is Stamps of Life.


You can see in the picture above that the sentiment “Sending Birthday Wishes” has GK3 written next to it – I would find that in the GinaK section – the 3rd stamp set. In this case it is the Northwoods set. (see the GinaK Designs example photo above).

Here is another example of Thinking of You category cards showing their labels. (TT is for Technique Tuesday).


You know how some stamps come with those tiny little flowers, stars, hearts and you never use them or forget you have them? Well I have a separate category for shapes – and I have those stamped as well. This has been a real time saver and help. I smudge my cards ALOT! My big old fingerprints get on an almost finished card or I stamp a sentiment and it needs a little filler – I go to my shapes card all the time.  I can always find a small stamp to coverup my boo boo or add a little filler here and there.

shapesThis system works really well for me and I have been using it for several months now.  I hope it will help you find more time to create beautiful crafty things rather than spending time looking for stuff.

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  1. I love this way to organize your stamps. Thanks for sharing this. Now all I need to do is find the time to put this into practice. lol
    How can I be added to your blog? I’d love to receive your posts but didn’t notice an area to do this on the site I was at.

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